Landing page to capture the amazing work of Code4Romania in a modern and interactive manner.


the challenge

Code4Romania was looking for a new communication tool to highlight their impressive work and mega action plan in front of them to digitalize Romania. For this the implementation needed to have an easy to use interface, seamless experience and attractive design so that all users get curious and browse through the map which represents their work.

the solution

Code4Romania “Putem (we can)” campaign is meant to draw attention to the ONG activity within the digitalization sphere. For this, an attractive design and user experience were of utmost importance, one to highlight the amazing work of the ONG as well as the big plans ahead.​ Vue.js was used to have a modern interface and great experience.

our approach and contribution


Frontend development / Testing​

Tech stack





Interactive map​ / Project architecture / Dynamic clickable items​ / Mobile responsiveness​

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